With a Surprised at a Random Station in Japan

Today, I randomly chose a station to go to and found myself at Kagurazaka. You won’t believe what I found out there the moment I leave the train station. There is this road (Waseda Dori) line with restaurants to eat from traditional to modern Japanese to western cuisines. The road also is decorated with lanterns lining straight and hanging on both sides. Look so pretty and reflect the beauty of Japan!

I want to go traditional, so I had a traditional Japanese lunch set at Ritoukicchin. One thing I like about this set is that I get to try many dishes. So, on my tray, I got Gyoza, fresh octopus, marinated squid,… Some of them I do not even know what they are, but they all are tasty.

東京都 新宿区 神楽坂 6-23

After savory food, it is time for dessert. I found Baikatei, a traditional Japanese confection store and had a lemon Daifuku, which is very delicious. The mochi has a lemon flavor, and it goes so well with the filling, red bean paste. I am surprised that these two ingredients work together, the sourness balance the sweetness. You can choose other sweets, and believe me they all look cute.

東京都 新宿区 神楽坂 6-15

Another traditional Japanese confection store is Isuzu where I had buckwheat and rice powder Manju, filled with red bean paste. I had them with tea to lighten their sweetness since they are meant to compliment each other. Believe me, the balanced they brought out is satisfied.


I am so delighted with authentic traditional Japanese food, and you do not want to miss it while you are in Japan. Check out this area and the eating spots I had been.

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