Another Lifestyle of Japanese at Sugamo

Sugamo is no doubt the grandmas’ Harajuku where mama(s) hang out and shop, and I, an explorer, have to visit this neighborhood in Toshima. After exiting the station, I saw Jizo Dori right away, the famous street to all mama(s). The street lines with shopping stores, and more importantly, restaurants to eat, which are mostly traditional and modern Japanese cuisines.

Exploring the neighborhood, I found Tendon Tenya, a place serving Tempura Donburi (Bowl). I had a tempura lunch set which has varieties of vegetables and seafood on my plate along with a side dish and Miso soup. The tempuras are fresh and tender and not greasy at all. It goes perfectly with its sauce. The set is tasty!

Tendon Tenya
3 Chome-27-7 Sugamo, Toshima, Tokyo 170-0002

I also found Tokiwa Shokudou, a restaurant serving seafood dishes. I got the Mackerel simmered with Miso sauce set, which is very rich in flavor. The fish was cooked well done, and the miso went perfectly with it. Together with rice, the taste is very delicious!

Tokiwa Shokudon
3 Chome-14-20 Sugamo, Toshima, Tokyo 170-0002

Sugamo also has great desserts, too. One thing to not miss is the traditional Japanese confections, and Iseya has all to offer. I had Sakuramochi (left) and Wagashi Ajisai (right). Sakuramochi, which represents the Sakura flower, is filled with red bean paste and wrapped with Sakura leaf, and it tastes different from other mochis I had because the leaf gives it a unique flavor. Wagashi Ajisai is filled with white sweet bean paste and covered with jelly cubes. They look cute and taste very delicious!

東京都 豊島区 巣鴨 3-21-17

Another dessert store to eat is Kanroshichifukujin where it serves dessert soups. I had salt Anmitsu (Jelly), Mitsumame red bean paste topped with soymilk ice cream, and syrup is given on the side to adjust the sweetness. The saltiness and sweetness balanced each other very well to bring the flavor of the soup to another level.

東京都 豊島区 巣鴨 3-37-5

Last but not least, I got a black sesame ice cream at Sesame Fukudo. The store makes black and white sesame ice cream. The owner uses a traditional method to grind the sesame. The ice cream tastes delicious, and who could have thought that sesame can be ice cream. Matcha is already blown my mind and now sesame.

Sesame Fukodo

Visiting Sugamo, I got to see another lifestyle of Japanese. It is a great spot to visit and get away from a bustling city. I had an amazing day here as you can see I enjoy rubbing Sugamo ducky butt for lucky.

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